Rotterdam’s 90 Year-old Hero

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A 90 year-old man saved a teenager from drowning in Maas River in the city of Rotterdam in the Netherlands.

Along the Maas River in Rotterdam (Grandmaster/Wikimedia)

Jaap Koppers, an active fisherman, heard splashes of water and screams near a dock while he was fishing. He quickly jumped into the water and swam against the strong current while trying to rescue the young woman. Fortunately, he was able to get her back safely to shore. The two of them were not hurt but they were brought to the hospital for further assessment.

Koppers told RTV Rijnmond that it was his duty to help the victim. He said that people would normally be shocked when faced with similar situations, but not him. He said he would still do the same and joked that it was easier for him because she was not heavy.