Football Expert Says Strootman is Not Prepared for Manchester United

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PSV Eindhoven’s 23 year-old Kevin Strootman is set to become Manchester United’s midfielder in the Premier League. Yet, Dutch football player and expert Magnus Magnusson believes Strootman is not ready for the big league.Magnusson, a representative for 20 football players from Iceland, has been attending Dutch matches.

Footballer Kevin Strootman travelling with PSV in 2011 (Mark de Groot/Wikimedia)

Although he acknowledges Strootman’s physical strength, he still feels that the player will not be able to manage the pressure in Manchester United.

Strootman’s stint in the European U21 Championship is an opportunity for him to demonstrate his strategic skills. Playing against Germany, Russia, and Spain, it will be his chance to correct Magnusson’s criticisms. It will also give him the chance to play alongside distinguished footballers like Spurs’ Holtby, who will be representing Germany in the championship.

Magnusson is looking forward to see how Strootman handles Holtby. He supposes the midfielder’s success will be based on the responsibility Manchester United will give him.

According to the critic, Strootman only achieved five goals this season despite his offensive role.

Regardless of his weaknesses, Stootman still proves to be a promising athlete for Manchester United.