Conspiracy Theories

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More voters, than people might have thought, seem to be true believers of conspiracy theories, according to an investigation by the Free University (VU) of Amsterdam. 

Especially people who vote for PVV and SP, frequently believe in conspiracy theories. But also voters of 50Plus and the Party for the Animals (PvdD) have a tendency to believe in conspiracy theories rather than good arguments, or even scientific facts, which prove those theories to be wrong.

Among the famous conspiracy theories are the believe that the oil industry has infiltrated politics and caused the war in Irak, that the Secret Service or the royal family were behind the death of princess Diana, that men in white suits tried to cover evidence when an El-Al boeing hit the Bijlmermeer or that the established politics had something to do with the murder of Pim Fortuyn.

Although voters among the PVV, SP, 50Plus and PvdD have the highest percentage of conspiracy theories believers, voters of all parties believe in one or more of the famous conspiracy theories.