Internship Bullying

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One out of five students is bullied during their internship. This can be found in the National Internship Monitor 2013, which is an investigation by the Erasmus University and the Student Bureau, a search site for internships, this was reported by the AD on Wednesday.

According to the investigation, about 20 percent of the 1400 students, who were followed, were scolded, belittled or ignored. Sometimes they are also victim to abuse of authority or gossiping.

Students complain that there is very little contact with the school during the internship. They also don’t know which requirements they have to meet. The companies also complain. About 80 percent is not satisfied with the assistance of the schools.

Nevertheless, students think that the internships are worthwhile and they think that they learned more during the internship than during all the lessons at school. More than 40 percent of the internships leads to a job.