Samsom Fights for Criminalization of Illegality

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Labour leader Diederik Samsom continues to fight for a coalition agreement about the criminalization of illegality, despite the problems it causes in his party. However, he will consult with the various departments of the party about everything. "Otherwise we're not going to discuss," he said on Wednesday in Pauw and Witteman.

"This agreement is not alone, but is part of a group of agreements, including the children's pardon. If the agreement to criminalize illegality is not accepted, then so will the other agreements in that group not go on." Samsom added that he had not yet discussed this issue with the coalition partner VVD. “This is currently a problem of the Labour Party.”

On Wednesday Senator Ruud Koole of the Labour Party mentioned in the program Nieuwsuur about still being against the criminalization of illegality. "The general principle that being illegal in all cases is an offense is a principle that I reject," said Koole. The senator did not say whether he would vote against the law, if it reached in the Senate. "I have to see what components are part of that law."

Majority of the party congress in Leeuwarden spoke out against the criminalization of illegality last Saturday. Party leader Diederik Samsom stated shortly afterwards not to execute the motion. Later, the party announced an additional member council on the subject, which would be held on May 12.

According to Koole, Samsom was 'short-sighted' when he went to the conference with his rejection. It would have been better if Samson had said, "Congress, I heard you and I will take this to The Hague."

According to Samsom, things went 'wrong' during the congress. "My speech was, as always, at the end, and then immediately the discussions ended abruptly and prematurely. Therefore, we will talk more about this soon. Next week I am available for discussions with all departments. To only talk at the Congress may not be enough," says Samsom.


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