Van Miltenburg Still Furious

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House Chairman Anouchka van Miltenburg is still 'furious' after she was accused of bias on Thursday night by CDA MP and party leader Sybrand Buma. "My integrity was questioned; that upset me very much," said van Miltenburg on Sunday morning at ‘Eva Jinek on Sunday’.

The incident happened on Thursday when the opposition called for an emergency debate with the discredited State Secretary Frans Weekers (Finance), a party member of van Miltenburg. According to Buma, the House Chairman tried to direct the debate to a certain direction, suggesting that van Miltenburg only had the interests of the coalition in mind. Van Miltenburg denied this and said she felt 'really unfairly treated'. She offered her 'humble apologies' in case the opposition had misunderstood her actions and then suspended the debate for five minutes.

"It is, for me, the worst thing that could happen," said the House Chairman today. "I still think it's unfair." Van Miltenburg said the CDA leader had already discussed the incident with her, but he had not offered his apology.

"Next time I will decide to suspend a debate earlier. During the five-minute suspension on Thursday, we immediately arrived at a solution to the standoff,” said van Miltenburg.


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