Trust in King Increased

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In one year's time the confidence in Willem-Alexander as future King has increased considerably. In 2012, 59 percent of the Dutch trusted him for the job. This is now 69 percent according to the Throne Exchange IPSOS survey research commissioned by the NOS.

The increase is primarily due to the television interview with the future King and Queen, which aired last Wednesday. Almost half of the Dutch (48 percent) think positively about Willem-Alexander.

The image of the Crown Prince is more pronounced than last year. Now people think he is more humane (from 50 to 65 percent), more involved (from 56 to 63 percent) and less formal (from 41 to 23 percent).

Nevertheless, Willem-Alexander, in terms of popularity, is still less popular than his mother and his wife. The Dutch gave Willem-Alexander a 7.2, but Beatrix and Maxima both got a 7.8.