FNV Supports Social Agreement

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During their Federation Council in Utrecht, all 18 FNV unions, including the critical Abvakabo, have  unanimously voted positive to the social agreement that FNV chairman Ton Heerts signed with the government and employers half a week ago.

Last week the members of the Confederation agreed, with a majority of 83 percent, to the social agreement with respect to unemployment and redundancy. However, Abvakabo, one of the largest unions, had second thoughts. Abvakabo President Corrie van Brenk is deeply concerned about care at home, and has talked for weeks with employers and the government about alternatives to the government’s plans, which will cause 100,000 jobs to disappear.

“We say 'yes' to all the improvements in the social agreement. Think of the abolition of the 0-hour contracts. That's something our members have been fighting for. That is really an improvement. But we think that it is unacceptable that there is still no solution for care at home,” says Van Brenk.

The FNV is on the verge of a major reorganization. Members can choose a new president soon. Van Brenk is so far the only candidate. The current FNV-chairman Ton Heerts will decide later about his candidacy.