AH Packaging Change

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Albert Heijn is going to replace the “Euro Shop” products with those from the “AH Basic” label. The first five products will be replaced in the next five weeks and it is expected that a total of 500 Euro Shop products will be all replaced within this year.

The change of the packaging is due to an inconsistency between price and quality.

“Our low-end product lines have failed,” according to a company spokesperson. “Every product line of our own brands is based on a request of our customers. For Euro Shopper, people expect cheap products. At present some Euro Shopper products have nearly the same price as other brands. Those products will be cheaper, but we will maintain the same quality.”

The products can also become more expensive, but the spokesperson could not give any information on prices yet.

The replacement is not caused by complaints of customers about the quality of Euro Shopper products. “The well-known name of Albert Heijn on the new products, changing price/quality correlations and the new package are the reasons for this change,” according to the spokesperson.

The first products which are going to undergo the change are free-range eggs, cornflakes, hazelnut butter, mix for pancakes and Chinese nasi.