Mayor Meerssen Must Resign

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Some citizens of Meerssen (Limburg), united with the Restoration of Democracy Group, believe that acting mayor Hans Schmidt of the municipality in Limburg must resign. They published this in a manifest last Saturday and they have an internet signature campaign going on.

Meerssen, a peaceful village in the South of Limburg, is in turmoil. More than a month ago, 58-year old alderman Jo DeJong committed suicide after he resigned.

At a carnival a few weeks earlier, DeJong gave a french kiss to a female municipal officer in a pub against her will.

After the incident, the city council released a statement that they had unanimously decided that no future collaboration with DeJong was possible.

The municipality is now in serious turmoil since the suicide of former alderman Jo Dejong. Three council members resigned, two councilors changed parties and the coalition lost its majority.

The latest incident is the petition of the Restoration of Democracy Group. which calls upon Schmidt “to seriously consider his position and to ponder whether he is the right person to lead the city council during this difficult period."  According to the group, the return of the peace in Meerssen can only happen when the acting mayor resigns.

The group has called on the council to make the position of the acting mayor vacant. The common opinion was that while Mr. Schmidt did not say anything wrong, he said nothing at all.