Pedophile Association Free

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On Tuesday, the high court of Leeuwarden ruled that the pedophile association Martijn, founded in 1982, can no longer be prohibited. The case against the association started with an investigation in 2010 and ended with the termination of Martijn in 2012.

The high court of Leeuwarden disagrees with the decision of the court in Assen and states that while activities of the association are in conflict with public order, it is not a question of impending social disruption. The texts and images on the website are not prosecutable and the association did not commit any offenses or gave ‘tips and tricks’ to adults about having sex with children, according to the high court.

reports that the sixty members of the club will discuss the future of Martijn internally. Former chairman Marthijn Uittenbogaard said that he will no longer take his post in the board and that it is uncertain whether anyone else will.

Martijn caused a lot of commotion in 2007 after pictures of the children of the Royal Family were published on its website.