Mourners' March

Several hundred people commemorated  18-year-old Memphis van Veen with a silent march Wednesday night in Eindhoven. The student died tragically last week, when her scooter was hit by a police car.

Memphis van Veen was struck and killed by a police car en route to an emergency call (Menina Teimosa / Twitter)

The police car was on the way to an emergency, and police claim its emergency lights and siren were active and functioning at the time. Van Veen died at the scene.

Eyewitnesses told the police that the girl had a green traffic light, but she neither heard nor saw the police cars coming. The cause of the accident is still under investigation, which is reportedly common when the police themselves are involved in a collision.

Lanterns released into the air at the accident scene (Vanity v/d Meer / Twitter)

The solemn march started at the beginning of the evening at the Welschapsedijk near Noord Brabantlaan, where the victim lived. The vigil moved silently until the group reached the crossing where the girl was fatally struck.

At the end of the march, lanterns and white balloons were released from the intersection. The road sides and the center median strip soon became a sea of flowers, primarily pink and white roses.