Gay Adoption Protest

Lelystad expects more than a thousand Turkish people to protest against Dutch youth care policy on Friday. Unrest is growing in Turkey and amongst Turks living in the Netherlands where Turkish-Dutch children may be adopted by gay couples.

Families with different religious backgrounds than the biological parents are also permitted to adopt in the Netherlands, which is also opposed by the protesters.

The commotion started last week around the 9-year-old Yunus, a Turkish boy living with his lesbian foster parents in Den Haag. His biological mother wants Yunus back, because she does not approve of her son living with a gay couple. reports that the demonstration will take place on the Stadhuisplein between 10 and 11am. The expected protester turnout forced Lelystad’s municipality to move  the protest to a bigger location than the square in front of an area youth care office.

Leaders of the event use different media including Facebook to call for people to attend.