Clever ones left behind

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After researching into the education system in the Netherlands, one policy maker claims smarter pupils do not get enough attention in primary school because of a lack of time, and the prejudices of teachers. reports that Simone Doolaard, program leader of the academic pedagogische academie voor het basisonderwijs (pabo), the Dutch teachers education program, concluded this in her research. She stated that weaker pupils receive much more attention, and that the smarter child is then left behind. Doolaard mentions the ‘zesjescultuur’ among teachers; the much discussed and detested culture of "a six is enough" at the university level. However, she also states that it is not a question of schools not wanting to do better, but more of not knowing how to best accommodate smarter pupils. The Ministry of Education expects the situation to improve significantly in the next two years. They will send a letter with an action plan to the Second Chamber soon.