Wim Eijk

Interior view of the Sint Catharina Cathedral in Utrecht
Feb 22 '19 13:30

The Sint Catharina Cathedral in Utrecht may be sold for only 1 euro. The cathedral, which dates from 1560 and where the archbishop - the highest Catholic clergy in the Netherlands - celebrates mass, is too expensive to maintain, especially with the diminishing number of worshippers, the Volkskrant reports.

Sep 18 '18 09:17

Klaas Dijkhoff, the leader of the parliamentary faction of ruling party VVD, announced in a critical open letter addressed to archbishop Wim Eijk that he is leaving the Roman Catholic church. "I choose for love and people instead of the restrictions and the church", Dijkhoff wrote, NOS reports.

Sep 14 '18 14:20

The Catholic Church is rapidly disappearing from the Netherlands. Over ten years the entire archdiocese of Utrecht will probably only consist of 10 to 15 churches that still hold the Eucharistic celebrations, compared to the current 280 churches, Archbishop Wim Eijk said in an interview with the Gelderlander.

Catholic Church
Dec 16 '13 11:17

Cardinal Wim Eijk appealed people to report sexual abuse of children in the Catholic Church.

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