underage drinking

May 1 '18 09:20

Underage teenagers can order beer from most sports clubs in the Netherlands without any problems. The vast majority of sports club canteens do not check IDs before serving alcohol to young people, according to a study commissioned by the government, NOS reports.

Over 82 percent of football clubs sell alcohol to underage teenagers. Less than 19 percent of hockey clubs check IDs. Tennis clubs and sports halls did not perform much better, with 24 and 25 percent respectively checking IDs. 

Oct 22 '15 17:30

The number of underage kids buying alcohol has decreased dramatically in the past few years. Only 1 percent of 14 and 15 year olds bough alcohol for themselves or friends over the past year, compared to 9 percent in 2011. Among 16 and 17 year olds the percentage dropped from 79 percent to only 10 percent.

Feb 10 '15 13:19

The "say no to alcohol" course of Halt has no effect. The course was intended to help young people stop drinking, but an evaluation by Bureau Beke shows that 6 months later the participating young people drank just as much and as often as before the course, Metro Nieuws reports.

King's Cup
Apr 8 '14 10:07

Three girls from Volendam were brought to hospital in the weekend after a drinking game got out of hand. The girls became unconscious due to over-consumption of alcohol in a short period of time.

Mar 11 '14 09:59

5300 people ended up in the emergency room last year, with alcohol poisoning.

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