submarine service

Crew on board a Dutch submarine
Jan 22 '20 11:10

The Royal Netherlands Navy is now allowing women on the crews of its submarines, following a successful year-long experiment in which women functioned as "one of the crew", the government said in a statement. This change takes effect immediately.

The Submarine Service was the last place in the Dutch Armed Forces in which women could not perform all functions. The sailing positions were only open to men, because there are no separate facilities on board the current submarines - an important condition for mixed sailing for the government and the navy.

May 11 '15 09:00

The submarine service - one of the last male only services in the Dutch military - will soon also be opened to women.

Jan 23 '15 11:44

The PvdA wants Defense to eventually replace to four Navy submarines and buy new ones. Parliament Member Angelien Eijsink said this in Trouw today. Coalition partner VVD as well as CDA have long been advocates for this.

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