State Secretary Fred Teeven Security and Justice

Dec 23 '14 07:50

State Secretary Fred Teeven of Security and Justice returned from Congo empty handed. He was there to pick up children adopted by couples in the Netherlands.

Dec 22 '14 12:20

There were about 25 thousand first asylum applications in the Netherlands this year. This is 73.6 percent more than in 2013 (14,400 applications). In 2012 there were only 9,710.

Dec 1 '14 12:40

There is not enough assistance for mothers going to prison. This is the conclusion of PvdA Parliamentarian Marith Rebel after a telephone survey among more than 50 municipalities.

Nov 28 '14 14:28

The Cabinet wants to get rich foreigners to invest in the Netherlands, but the millionaire migrants stay away.

Nov 28 '14 08:21

Thirty Congolese children adopted by thirteen sets of Dutch parents, have been waiting for more than a year for their departure to the Netherlands. State Secretary Fred Teeven calls it a distressing situation.

Nov 25 '14 11:59

The Dutch Data Protection Authority (CBP) may soon have the power to hand out higher fines and in more cases.

Nov 25 '14 09:27

State Secretary Fred Teeven refuses to bring additional Syrians to the Netherlands, thereby ignoring the wish of the Second Chamber. The VVD Minister points out the the immigrant shelter is already overflowing.

Aug 29 '14 08:28

Many municipalities in The Netherlands do not seem ready to take over youth care, or child welfare, tasks from the government next year, under the new municipal tasks reorganization. According to a letter to Parliament from State Secretaries Martin van Rijn (Health, Welfare and Sport) and Fred Teeven (Security and Justice), the Cabinet will examine these municipalities.

May 29 '14 09:21

The SP and GroenLinks are very dubious about State Secretary for Security and Justice, Fred Teeven's humanity in the implementation of the asylum policy. The parties want an independent investigation to be conducted into the suicide of an Armenian asylum seeker in April. For this, they want to submit a motion next week.

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