An artistic impression of HAT-P-6b with its star HAT-P-6
Dec 17 '19 13:30

The exoplanet that the Dutch population was asked to name will be called Night Watch, after the painting by Dutch grandmaster Rembrandt van Rijn. The star Night Watch revolves around will be called Starry Night, after the Vincent van Gogh masterpiece, the International Astronomical Union announced on Tuesday.

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Jun 19 '14 12:33

The biggest telescope in the world will soon bring the mysteries of the universe a few steps closer, as project developers begin readying the top of a 3,000 meter-high mountain in Chile to form the base of the telescope, which will be large enough to capture life on other planets.

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Sep 1 '13 01:27

In South Rotterdam people can use an exchange currency to pay for certain services, starting Tuesday. This new type of currency is called the Zuiderling. One Zuiderling is worth half an hour. Residents may hire other residents, for instance for a piano lesson or to prepare a meal.

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