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Jul 26 '19 13:30

Thousands of young people between the ages of 18 and 27 are living in the Netherlands, but cannot be traced by any of the Dutch authorities. Last year over 50 thousand people in this age group dropped off the Dutch radar, 1,500 more than in 2017, NOS reports.

Jul 6 '17 08:36

The Dutch middle class face many uncertainties and it is important that the government focuses on reducing it, according to recommendations made by the scientific council for government police WRR on Wednesday.  There is no sign that the middle class is falling, but people in this group have to put in extra effort to maintain their social position, the WRR concludes, ANP reports.

Jesse Klaver
Apr 18 '17 11:55

Negotiations between the VVD, D66, CDA and GroenLinks on forming a new Dutch government together will resume today. Talks were suspended last week after GroenLinks leader Jesse Klaver's mother was hospitalized. Her condition is still worrying, but Klaver will be back at the negotiation table on Tuesday, his spokesperson said to ANP.

Feb 7 '17 11:25

The Netherlands needs to give more job security to freelancers and workers with temporary contracts, the Dutch scientific council for government policy WWR wrote in advice to the government. More job security will result in employees being more willing to take risks and innovate, the council WWR writes, according to RTL Nieuws.

Feb 26 '16 08:46

The judges on the Central Appeals Council are calling on parliament to drop plans to abolish their institution. The 49 judges warn of legal inequality, destruction of knowledge and higher costs if the council disappears, in an open letter published in the Volkskrant on Friday.

Oct 19 '15 16:55

The Netherlands has the second best pension system in the world, coming in behind Denmark in the seventh edition of the Melbourne Mercer Global Pension Index. The Netherlands passes Australia in this years’ index to finish second, and results indicate the success to be in the increased savings of households.

Working Woman
Jun 9 '15 10:41

The leader of the FNV union, Ton Heerts, spoke against social services for freelancers in an interview with FD. He says self-employed people making use of disability, sickness and unemployment benefits undermines the entire social welfare system.

Mar 5 '15 15:18

According to Deputy Prime Minster Lodewijk Asscher (Social Affairs, PvdA), the cabinet will not make more cuts on healthcare and social security to enable burden reduction in a new tax system, NRC reports. Minister Jeroen Dijsselbloem (Finance, PvdA) called further cuts "nonsensical" and "unnecessary".

Oct 2 '14 10:58

The Dutch government is going to start working with a Risk Indication System (SyRI) that will make it easier for municipalities and government institutions to detect benefit or tax fraud.

Jun 6 '14 15:46

Minister Asscher of Social Affairs is going to press Morocco in September that the social security agreement has to be amended, and that action on the agreement is running out of time, the NOS reports.

Sep 19 '13 04:00

The main news from the Budget was yesterday repeated endlessly by the different media. Many notable plans and facts from the budget of the government however did not reach the media. Big chance that you did not know the following ten facts.

1. Windfall by telecom auction?

This year the auction of 4G frequencies brought a windfall for the Treasury of up to 3.8 billion euro. Next year the so-called 2GHz frequencies, which expire in 2016, will be  auctioned again. The previous auction in 1998 yielded 1.84 billion. Looks promising!

2. Largest costs

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