sleeping disorder

Trouble sleeping
Aug 20 '19 08:08

Last year 24 percent of Dutch aged 25 years or older had sleeping problems. That amounts to approximately 2.9 million people who had trouble sleeping last year. In 2017 in was 21 percent, Statistics Netherlands reported on Tuesday.

People who identified themselves as unfit to work to the stats office were far more likely to have trouble sleeping than other groups. 58 percent of people with occupational disabilities had sleeping problems last year, compared to 19 percent of employed Dutch, 35 percent of unemployed Dutch, 32 percent of volunteers, and 23 percent of pensioners.

Nov 14 '14 13:48

Twenty of the 600 thousand children who were vaccinated against swine flu in 2009, have contracted the severe sleeping sickness narcolepsy. This is evident from reports received by the side effects center Lareb.

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