Feb 10 '20 09:26

Medical devices will soon have to comply with new, stricter European rules. Thousands of products will not be re-approved on time, which means that the Netherlands may soon face a severe shortage of medical devices like breast implants, knee prostheses, and pacemakers, Financieele Dagblad reports.

These shortages can put healthcare at risk, the federations of Dutch hospitals NFU and NVZ said to the newspaper. The hospitals do not know which products will soon be unavailable, because manufacturers are not sharing that information, the NFU and NVZ said. 

Maas River, Rotterdam
Sep 11 '19 09:21

River water companies situated around the Maas, united in RIWA-Maas, are very concerned about a looming shortage of drinking water from the Maas. During periods of drought, the river is too vulnerable to function as drinking water supply. "It's only a matter of time until insufficient water comes out of the tap", Wim Drossaert, chairman of RIWA Maas and director of Zuid-Holland drinking water company Dunea, said to newspaper Trouw.

Aug 9 '18 16:30

There is a worldwide shortage in pilots. Boeing estimates that 790 thousand pilots will be needed in the next 20 years. KLM is poaching pilots from competitors TUI and Corendon, sources from within KLM told the Telegraaf. 

"It is a fact that there is more demand for pilots than supply in the market at the moment", a TUI spokesperson said to the newspaper. According to him, TUI pilots that are quitting are mainly pilots of planes used for international destinations.

Corendon also said that their pilots are being hired away by KLM, according to the newspaper. 

May 26 '17 13:50

The student housing shortage in Amsterdam is getting worse and worse, and if nothing is done about it, students will start opting for universities in other Dutch cities, a group of Amsterdam universities, colleges and housing corporations said in an urgent call to the municipality. According to them, Amsterdam needs at least 2 thousand new student homes per year, Het Parool reports. 

Nov 3 '16 14:15

A shortage of arthritis medicine sulfasalazine is looming, the Dutch Arthritis Association warns. The drug will likely only be available in a limited fashion until March nest year. This could affect, and lead to health risks for 16 thousand users, according to the association, ANP reports.

Sulfasalazine is a popular treatment for arthrithis and often prescribed to pregnant women because it has few side effects. Switching to a new drug creates the uncertainty of more side effects or even the arthritis symptoms returning, according to he association.

Nov 7 '14 09:15

State Secretary of Education Sander Dekker has to find out if the 150 million euro given to schools, has led to more employment opportunities.

Bruno Martins Indi
Apr 30 '14 10:48

The Netherlands has too few math teachers. One reason for this is that math teachers are stepping over into the business world, as it pays better. The Netherlands Math Platform tells the Algemeen Dagblad that there could be a serious problem.

no image
Mar 31 '14 10:32

There is too much demand at the animal food banks in The Netherlands. The foundation Collection Bank Animals Netherlands told Metro that the number of people paying weekly visits to the animal food bank has doubled in the last three months.

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