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Women in Amsterdam celebrate the first official warm day of spring with short skirts, 30 Mar 2017
Mar 30 '17 15:30

Temperatures are expected to reach 21.2 degrees in De Bilt today, which will make today the hottest March 30th in the Netherlands in more than a century, according to Buienradar meteorologist Dennis Wilt, RTL Nieuws reports.

Though it is the hottest March 30th in the past 100 years, it is not the hottest one in history. In 1911 afternoon temperatures of 21.3 degrees were measured at De Bilt. In the past 100 years, the closest it got to breaking the record was in 2014, when afternoon temperatures in De Bilt climbed to 20.2 degrees. 

Mar 16 '16 13:55

Amsterdam's city office in Nieuw-West quickly rescinded its no-short-skirts dress code on Wednesday after the media commotion its announcement caused. "Such a ban does not apply", alderman for services Abdeluhem Choho said

Mar 16 '16 08:03

Desk clerks working in Amsterdam Nieuw-West are no longer allowed to wear short skirts or dresses to work. The D66 in the Amsterdam city council plans to raise questions about the matter on Wednesday

Jan 11 '16 09:05

Male members of the PvdA, D66, SP and GroenLinks' youth movements will be protesting in mini-skirts on Dam square in Amsterdam on Saturday. They want to show support for women's rights and their displeasure with Cologne mayor Henriette Reker's statements following the large number of sexual assaults in the German city over New Year's.

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