saving energy

Zwolle IJsselcentrale
Oct 28 '13 01:25

The savings for using electricity at night and at daytime are negligible. This is the conclusion from price comparing website, among 10,000 customers.

Almost 25 percent of the Dutch wait till after 11.00 pm or for the weekend starts to put on the washing machine or the dish washer and so be able to use the cheaper rate during these times. On average it seems now that the advantage is only 10 cents per week.

About 1 percent of the people reaches a savings of 30 euro per week, while 20 percent of the people pays even more.

Oct 28 '13 00:43

This weekend the summer time ended. In the night from Saturday to Sunday the clock was put one hour back from 3.00am to 2.00am.

It will be from now about five months winter time which was until 1977 the overall time. The reasons for the change in 1977 was to save energy. Because people have, in the evening, one hour more light, the idea was that they will spend more time gardening or doing other outdoor activities.

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