Grocery shopping
Mar 24 '20 13:18

Supermarkets and drug stores in the Netherlands will introduce a door policy starting immediately. One customer per 10 square meters is allowed inside, and once a store is full, customers will have to wait outside.

Taking a shopping cart is also now mandatory in supermarkets, even if a customer only wants one product, the central food trade association CBL announced on Tuesday, reports.

Mar 20 '20 08:52

Drugstores in the Netherlands are calling on people to stop buying large quantities of medicines. There is enough for everyone, so only buy what you need, Kruidvat, Etos, DA, DIO, Trekpleister and independent drugstores said in a full-page advertisement published in the national newspapers on Friday.

"In recent days, we have noticed that many consumers are buying more over-the-counter medicines than usual," the drugstores said. "Then it may happen that we have to tell the next customer 'no'."

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Sep 6 '16 13:40

For the first time in years, healthcare deductibles will not be increasing. Next year, patients will still pay the first 385 euros of their hospital bills and medication, sources in The Hague told broadcaster NOS.

Jul 16 '15 10:54

DSW Insurance is receiving daily complaints from patients who do not want to pay the pharmacy consultancy charge. This is according to DSW director Chris Oomen in response to reports that nearly half of all pharmacy assistants deal wit aggressive patients on a daily basis.

Jul 15 '15 12:24

Pharmacy assistants having to deal with aggressive patients is becoming an increasingly common occurrence. Almost half of the assistants deal with aggression from patients on a weekly or daily basis - five times more than before 2014.

Dec 8 '14 09:04

Family members of Dirk Klaas M. have no idea why he extorted John and Linda de Mol. "For us it is a mystery."

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Aug 19 '14 08:47

Dutch retail, pharmacy and drugstore chain Kruidvat is recalling all baby cribs with the brand Bambino. Children could suffocate on some of the bed's parts. This is the second Bambino baby bed that Kruidvat has had to recall.

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Nov 19 '13 09:52

Dutch food and chemicals group DSM is spinning off its pharmaceuticals division in a $2.6 billion deal with private equity firm JLL, Reuters reports Tuesday.

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Sep 25 '13 02:40

A Rotterdam pharmacy has been closed down for at least a week by Healthcare Inspection. The reason is the absence of a pharmacist.

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