Sep 29 '15 09:19

The Dutch Police Union NPB is concerned about increasing violence among asylum seekers as police forces are having to bolster their efforts to maintain peace around refugee reception centres, the union told newspaper AD. They advocate splitting up refugees into groups based on religion, and perhaps also nationality or ethnicity to help calm the situation down.

Sep 25 '15 12:23

Two people were injured and two men were arrested after two brawls erupted in the early hours of Friday morning at an asylum reception center in the Overberg village of Utrecht. First reports of the fighting between the two groups came in at about 12:30am, then again two hours later.

asylum seekers
May 8 '14 16:02

An old juvenile detention center is being converted into an area where young people aged 14 to 18 can take shelter. The Central Organ shelter Asylum Seekers (COA) is rebuilding the Hevelrug in Overberg (Utrecht) into a habitable shelter with space for between 200 and 400 youths. The first refugees will be able to stay there from June.

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