Melanie Schultz

Jun 16 '14 15:30

The Dutch government wants to have large-scale testing with autonomous cars on Dutch roads, and thereby assume a 'pioneers role' in the development of this kind of technology, reports.

Apr 25 '14 13:39

Coalition parties VVD and PvdA proposed that alternatives for big wind turbine farms in the three northerly provinces should get a serious change. They did so during a debate about Cabinet plans for wind energy on land and at sea in the House of Representatives on Friday.

Apr 2 '14 08:28

River dikes in The Netherlands do not pose an acute danger, but have been calculated to be less safe than previously thought. These problems can be solved with relatively simple measure, however.

Feb 4 '14 19:45

Construction on the railways this summer will surely cause delays for train travelers, but the Dutch Railways, ProRail, and travelers organizations joined forces to minimize the discomfort, stated Minister Melanie Schultz during the question round in Parliament earlier today.

Jan 17 '14 12:22

A court in Amsterdam on Friday ordered Minister of Infrastructure and the Environment Melanie Schultz to look again at her decision to increase the speed limit on the A10, Nieuws reported.

Jan 15 '14 17:09

Dutch Transport Minister Melanie Schultz said that the government is not planning to ban scooters from cycle paths and requiring riders to wear helmets.

Nov 12 '13 14:23

For the longest time it seemed science fiction, driving independently, without a driver. Starting today that technology seems a step closer. Minister Melanie Schultz (Infrastructure) made a first test drive on public roads in Amsterdam with auto-piloted cars

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