Mein Kampf

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Feb 5 '16 14:40

The Public Prosecutor is turning to the Supreme Court to appeal against the Amsterdam Court of Appeals' ruling to clear bookseller Michiel van Eyck of hate crime charges for selling Adolf Hitler's book Mein Kamph in his historical objects store

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Feb 2 '16 08:31

The Court of Appeals in Amsterdam cleared Amsterdam gallery owner Michiel van Eyck of hate crime charges for selling Adolf Hitler's book Mein Kampf. The case ended up with the court of appeals after the judiciary appealed against a November 2014 verdict in which Van Eyck received no punishment

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Jul 28 '15 08:33

The Austrian Public Prosecutor has started an investigation against PVV leader Geert Wilders on charges of sedition. Aggrieved Muslims pressed charges against Wilders because of his statements comparing the Koran with Adolf Hitler's book Mein Kampf and demands that the Islamic holy book be banned during a meeting of the right wing populist FPO in Vienna in March

May 26 '15 08:47

The Totalitarian Art Gallery in Amsterdam, where a singed copy of Adolf Hitler's book Mein Kampf has been on display since Friday, has been plastered with signs that read "forbidden for Jews - for Blacks - for Muslims". The signs were put up by the Association of Anti-Fascists.

Nov 21 '14 14:56

The Amsterdam gallery owner who sold a few antiquarian copies of Adolf Hitler's infamous book Mein Kampf, will not be punished.

Mein Kampf
Jun 20 '14 16:13

In the controversial case about the owner of the Totalitarian Art Gallery in Amsterdam, who kept and sold Adolf Hitler's autobiographical Nazi manifesto 'Mein Kampf', the Public Prosecution Authority (OM) has decided to prosecute Michiel van Eyck.

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Jan 8 '14 20:16

Michiel van Eyck, an Amsterdam gallery owner who sells copies of Mein Kampf, announced today he must report to the police Tuesday. "I will be interviewed by the police, they want to hear my side of the story," says Van Eyck.

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Oct 28 '13 01:05

Federation Jewish Netherlands will file a police report against the Amsterdam art gallery Totalitarian Art Gallery, reports NRC Handelsblad.

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