"Forbidden for Jews, for Blacks, for Muslims": Graffiti at Hitler book display

Signs hung on the Totalitarian Art Gallery in Amsterdam where Mein Kampf is displayed (Picture: Twitter/@KnightKortLang)Signs hung on the Totalitarian Art Gallery in Amsterdam where Mein Kampf is displayed (Picture: Twitter/@KnightKortLang)

The Totalitarian Art Gallery in Amsterdam, where a singed copy of Adolf Hitler's book Mein Kampf has been on display since Friday, has been plastered with signs that read "forbidden for Jews - for Blacks - for Muslims". The signs were put up by the Association of Anti-Fascists.

According to Het Parool, the association wants the mayor to close the gallery owned by Michiel van Eyck. They also demanded that the book be confiscated, or threatened to do so themselves. In an email to Mayor Eberhard van der Laan, the association called the gallery "a crack house" because it offers "mental drugs and Nazi relics". They do not want physical copies of the book sold "outside the circles of recognized historians in the context of the practice of science".

"An extremist splinter party has hung some leaflets with incoherent texts", Van Eyk said to AD about the signs. "I find it quite laughable."  Van Eyck, he only wants to exhibit the book and not sell it. According to him it is a very rare edition. He bought it from an unnamed family in Amsterdam last week. The book had belonged to the estate of the family's deceased father. "As a collector, the man allegedly obtained the book through obscure German family ties after the war. The family does not want it, but recognized the great historical value."

This edition of Main Kampf features silver fittings and contains a hand written message from Hitler. It is believed that Hitler gave it to a regional leader of the NSDAP at Christmas in 1939 as a promotional gift.

Last year Van Eyk stood trial for selling a copy of Mein Kampf. He was acquitted. The Public Prosecutor appealed against this decision.