Joop van den Ende

Nov 5 '15 09:16

The richest people in the Netherlands seem to be doing well for themselves. For the first time since the crisis, the 500 richest Dutch people saw their collective wealth grow by 10 percent. And four new billionaires have been added to the list.

Oct 10 '14 16:28

The largest Dutch newspaper, De Telegraaf, has appeared in tabloid format for the first time.

John de Mol
Feb 20 '14 16:20

John de Mol, cofounder of Endemol TV productions, lost the battle to gain the majority in the ownership of the world's largest independent production company. Apollo, an American Investment Company gained the majority of the shares by striking a deal with the creditors, reported the Financieele Dagblad.

Apr 23 '13 08:30

The National Committee Inauguration confirmed on Monday that it would use the original song of John Ewbank. The singers have indicated interest in continuing the project. and the concert in Ahoy will proceed as planned.

Composer John Ewbank pulled the song back on Saturday night after a storm of criticism. The Committee said, “Since the launch of the song, there has been a wave of reactions, mostly positive. It is clear that there are also critical voices in our society about parts of the song's lyrics.”

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