job opportunities

May 23 '18 14:40

The job opportunities for refugees can increase if more account is taken of their situation, according to central planning office CPB. For example, the region in which a refugee is placed plays a big role on whether or not the refugee will find a job. The chance that a refugee has a job 10 years after being placed in a favorable region is almost 1.5 times greater than if he or she was placed in an unfavorable region, according to CPB, reports.

Jun 22 '17 10:16

The number of job vacancies for young people is increasing rapidly in the Netherlands, especially for young people with vocational qualifications. Between September 2016 and February 2017 there were a total of 214 thousand vacancies at vocational level, according to a study by benefits agency UWV and the organization for cooperation between vocational education and the business world SBB, reports.

The last quarter of 2016 had 26 percent more vocational vacancies than the same quarter in 2015. 

construction worker
May 19 '17 13:20

There is a rapidly increasing shortage in construction staff in the Netherlands, according to benefits agency UWV. There is a major need for carpenters, masons and installation engineers, as well as many vacancies for preparatory construction staff like jop preparers, ANP reports.

By next year the UWV expects an increase of 30 thousand jobs for construction workers. An increase of another 4 thousand jobs is also expected for freelancers.

Looking for a job
Oct 18 '16 12:45

Two thirds of unemployed people in the Netherlands manage to find another job within a year, according to figures from benefits agency UWV. The unemployed are benefiting from increasing job opportunities on the Dutch labor market

Apr 11 '16 10:28

Higher education institutions often give prospective students too positive or even inaccurate information about the job prospects awaiting them following the completion of a study program, according to a study done by intercity student association ISO

Jan 22 '16 10:24

The number of job opportunities for young people will fall if the minimum youth wage is increased, according to the Central Planning Bureau. If the minimum youth wage is increased by 1 percent, there will be 0.4 percent less jobs available to young people. The more the wage increases, the greater effect it will have on employment opportunities

Dec 12 '14 11:51

In the coming years, young people with a secondary vocational education will be slightly more likely to be employed than graduates from a college or university. Nearly a third of job-seeking vocational students have a "reasonable to very good chance" of finding a job, according to the Keuzegids MBO 2014.

Oct 28 '14 11:29

According to the Keuzegids Universiteiten 2015, many new university graduates will find it difficult to find a job.

Sep 5 '14 15:06

A study done by UWV into employment in the IT sector shows that the demand for IT staff increased significantly this year.

May 28 '14 15:19

Despite signals that the economy is picking up again, the number of people receiving income assistance grew with 13 thousand in the first quarter of 2014 to 426 thousand people, the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) announces today.

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