Jul 12 '16 13:26

The municipality of Amsterdam issued a warning to all houseboat owners in the city - keep to the rules of vacation rentals, or face a fine of 50 thousand euros

Aug 24 '15 15:18

Six houseboats that were used for prostitution on the Zandpad in Utrecht, has been put up for sale on Marktplaas for 10 thousand euros each.

Jun 3 '15 16:32

The municipality of Amsterdam is developing new regulations limiting houseboat owners from renting out their homes to tourists. Owners of boats will only be able to rent out their homes for no more than sixty days per year, and only to a maximum of four people.

Jan 25 '14 04:34

Authorities sounded the alarm, Friday afternoon, in an area surrounding the industrial area, "Overstad," in Alkmaar. After a large fire in the night of Thursday on Friday, asbestos was found on Friday. Authorities quickly locked down the surrounding area.

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