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Hugo de Jonge at the EPP Summit in Brussels, May 2019
Mar 26 '20 08:19

Minister Hugo de Jonge of Public Health asked health institute RIVM to look into other available coronavirus tests in order to increase the Netherlands' testing capacity, he said in a letter to parliament. He also said that around 20 thousand former and retired healthcare workers have volunteered to return to the sector to help with the Covid-19 crisis.

Stock image of a "Dutch" stethoscope
Mar 19 '20 08:39

The Ministry of Public Health, along with other involved parties, launched a platform where retired healthcare workers or other professionals who no longer work in healthcare can register if they want to temporarily return to the sector. Care organizations who need additional workers due to the coronavirus can also register on the platform, bringing demand and supply together, the Ministry said.

Mar 18 '20 08:28

The university hospitals in Nijmegen and Utrecht are giving healthcare workers a tuberculosis (TB) vaccine to see if it better protects them against the coronavirus, the hospitals announced on Wednesday. The TB vaccine boosts the immune system, so the healthcare workers involved may be better protected against Covid-19 and an infection may be milder.

Medical interns
Mar 17 '20 09:22

Inspired by videos of people in Italy and Spain applauding their local healthcare workers, an event was created on Facebook calling on people in the Netherlands to do the same. The nationwide standing ovation will happen at 8:00 p.m. on Tuesday, according to the Facebook event.

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