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A gold bar that fell out of a transport vehicle in Utrecht on 15 Nov. 2019 was returned to the police on 24 Nov 2019
Nov 25 '19 10:10

A gold bar that fell out of a transport van in Utrecht earlier this month has been returned to its rightful owner, thanks to an honest finder who made contact with the police.

The gold bar, worth between 200 thousand and 235 thousand euros, was inside a transport box that fell out of a transport van on November 15th, according to RTL Nieuws. The driver had picked up the bar at the Royal Mint. On the onramp to the A2 highway, the driver discovered that the van's side door was not closed properly and that the transport box was missing.

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Oct 22 '15 15:05

Two armed robbers stole gold bars from the Curacao money museum Yotin Korta in Willemstad on Wednesday. Their loot turned out not to be worth as much as they presumably hoped - the museum announced that the stolen gold bars are worthless fakes

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