Gerard Bakker

Oisterwijk Asylum Center
Apr 6 '17 16:05

The asylum centers in the Netherlands are increasingly empty, the central agency for the reception of asylum seekers COA said on Thursday. The COA is currently housing some 24 thousand people, while there is place for a total of 45 thousand people, AD reports.

asylum seekers
Nov 28 '16 14:45

The central agency for the reception of asylum seekers COA is cutting 1,300 of its total 4 thousand jobs, the Ministry of Security and Justice announced on Monday. This mostly affects people who are working for the COA on a temporary contracts, reports

The COA needs to cut jobs due to the decrease in the number of asylum seekers in the Netherlands. Over the past years the number of COA employees were increased to deal with an influx, but that is no longer necessary. The people who have to leave were already informed.

King Willem-Alexander at an asylum center
Jul 28 '16 10:10

In a massive turnaround from the desperate search for asylum centers last year, the COA is now actually closing a number of emergency shelters. The biggest rush of asylum seekers seems to be over for now, COA chairman Gerard Bakker said

Feb 24 '16 10:44

The central agency for the reception of asylum seekers COA is open to discuss smaller asylum centers, as two Brabant mayors requested on Monday.

asylum seekers
Sep 3 '15 10:18

The Dutch agency for the reception of asylum seekers COA is desperate for more shelter for refugees. The agency will need even more than the previously stated 10 thousand beds this year, and is calling upon all Dutch municipalities to help provide shelter for the people fleeing to the Netherlands for safety.

asylum seekers
Jul 9 '15 17:21

The number of asylum applications the Ministry of Security and Justice received in June increased by a third to 2,937. The number of lone children seeking asylum in the country rose to 299 last month.

asylum seekers
May 8 '15 14:31

A record number of at least 40 thousand people have applied for asylum in the Netherlands so far this year, compared to a total of 30 thousand applications received in 2014. In the past few weeks, the number of asylum applications has doubled compared to the previous weeks.

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