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Child with teddy bear
Feb 13 '19 07:30

A 4-year-old girl witnessed three robbers assault her father in their home in Drouwenerveen, Drenthe late on Sunday evening. The robbers were dressed as a police SWAT team, the police said on Opsporing Verzocht on Tuesday.

The father, a 38-year-old man, was seriously injured and is still in hospital. He was in the living room with his daughter when the robbers forced the front door and came into their home. Care was arranged for the girl. The robbery made a big impression on her, the police said.

Stolen baby formula seized in Rotterdam and The Hague during a police action against mobile bandidtry, May 2018
May 22 '18 07:41

Last week the police arrested over 100 people in a nationwide campaign against so-called 'mobile banditry' - gangs of criminals that travel from place to place to commit crimes. The detainees include shoplifters, baby formula thieves, pickpockets, drug traffickers, identity thieves and even a fake cop, the police said in a statement on Monday night.

The nationwide action was held between Tuesday and Friday last week. Multiple people were arrested at Amsterdam Central Station for pickpocketing, or attempts thereto. 

Police uniform
Apr 3 '17 16:25

A woman from Sint-Michielsgestel was pulled over and attacked by a fake cop on Bleijendijk in Vught on Saturday night. The man hit her with a sharp object, leaving her with several scratches on her body. The police are looking for the perpetrator, Omroep Brabant reports.

The woman was driving on Bleijendijk around 9:15 p.m. when a small black car came up behind her and held up a sign that read "stop police". She pulled over and an unknown man approached the car.

Mar 23 '15 12:08

A man who pretended to be a police officer delivering bad news to people, has been arrested at his house in Alkmaar. “This fake officer caused a lot of pain and grief,” police said in a press release

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