English Channel

Dutch swimmer Maarten van der Weijden crosses the English Channel twice in a row, 13 Aug 2017
Aug 14 '17 13:50

Dutch marathon swimmer Maarten van der Weijden managed to swim across the Channel between England and France twice in succession on Sunday. He arrived on the English coast in Dover late last night, after leaving from that same coast during the early hours of Sunday morning, RTL Nieuws reports. 

Apr 15 '15 13:51

The sinking of the fishing boat Z85 Morgenster in late January may have been caused by a collision with a freighter, the Stentor reports based on reports in the Belgian newspaper Het Laatste Nieuws. Four crew members died when the ship sank.

Feb 3 '15 09:27

The fishing boat Z-85 Morgenster, which has been missing since Wednesday afternoon, has been found. Where or how the boat was found is still unclear.

Jan 30 '15 09:26

The Dutch Coast Guard confirmed this morning that the two bodies that were found on the French coast yesterday were indeed crew members of the missing fishing boat Z-85 Morgenster. The bodies are those of a 45 year old man from Urk and a 64 year old Belgian.

Jan 29 '15 17:53

Search and rescue crews trying to track down the fishing trawler missing in the English Channel found an empty life-raft on the French coast just south of Boulogne-sur-Mer. The serial number on the raft links it to the missing ship, which was found with some wooden debris, the Dover Coast Guard reported late Thursday morning.

Jan 29 '15 08:37

A fishing boat with two Dutch people on board has been missing since Wednesday afternoon. The Z-85 Morgenster disappeared from the radar in the English Channel, 20 miles off the coast of Dover, England.

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