Carton of eggs
Aug 24 '17 08:42

Thirteen supermarket chains affiliated with Superunie quietly recalled waffles and cookies from their shelves on Wednesday because they contain toxic insecticide , AD reported on Thursday. "We expect more such silent recalls", Wilco Jansen of Emté said to the newspaper. "There are many products with a lot of egg in them. No idea where this is going to end."

Wine Recall
Oct 5 '15 15:03

Two different suppliers have issued recalls of wine in the past four days on reports of glass fragments in sealed bottles. The recall potentially affects customers of ten different grocery stores across the Netherlands.

Jul 9 '15 12:35

Online grocery shopping in the Netherlands is booming. Dutch people spend 450 million euros on online grocery shopping last year - a 55 percent increase compared to 2013.

Broiler chicken
Jun 24 '14 11:59

Supermarkets in The Netherlands are still, despite promises to change the situation, selling broiler chickens. Animal rights organization Wakker Dier reports that most supermarket stalls are still full of factory farm chicken meat.

Mar 7 '14 08:15

Burger King, Stegeman, Domino's Pizza, Olvarit, HANOS and Mora are going to stop factory pig meat, they tell Wakker Dier.

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