Jul 28 '17 10:55

The police launched a special database on which citizens can check whether their email address or other login details have been hacked or stolen. The database contains the email addresses the police found during cybercrime investigations, RTL Nieuws reports.

You search the database by typing in your email address. If your email is on the database, the police will send you a message with tips on how to proceed. According to the police, this database is "another step to make the citizen more resistant to cybercrime."

dna match
Feb 2 '16 09:55

The Hartwig Medical Foundation launched a large cancer database containing DNA information on cancer patients in Amsterdam on Monday. The idea behind the database is that each patient can get customized cancer treatments based on their DNA

Dec 4 '14 14:11

Benefits Authority UWV unjustly gave its Irish colleagues of the Department of Social Protection too broad access to the full database with benefits data. This concludes the Data Protection Authority (CBP) in a report.

Aug 30 '13 01:40

Facebook is considering including public profile pictures of users in a large database for facial recognition. The social network announced the plans by an update of its terms of use, reports Reuter.

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