Dutch police launch database with hacked email addresses

The police launched a special database on which citizens can check whether their email address or other login details have been hacked or stolen. The database contains the email addresses the police found during cybercrime investigations, RTL Nieuws reports.

You search the database by typing in your email address. If your email is on the database, the police will send you a message with tips on how to proceed. According to the police, this database is "another step to make the citizen more resistant to cybercrime."

The database is not exhaustive - other email addresses may already have been hacked, but the police haven't come across them yet in their investigations. The police therefore recommend that citizens check the database on a regular basis, change passwords regularly and also use other check-sites. 

"We are always very careful in closing our homes, but you must also take care in closing the backdoor of your internet", Ron de Milde of the police's Digital Service Department said to NOS. 

The database can be found on the police site here.