Corrine Dettmeijer

Red Light District in Amsterdam
Jan 11 '19 10:40

My Red Light, Amsterdam's sex-worker run brothel, is in desperate need of rescue. The running of a safe and financially sound prostitution business by sex workers themselves is a too ambitious project, independent investigator Corrine Dettmeijer, formerly the National Rapporteur on Human Trafficking, concluded after investigating the business. "I think the municipality should never have started this", she said, Het Parool reports.

Oct 23 '17 09:57

The risk of a sex crime convict committing a sex crime again is not well estimated in the Netherlands, Corinne Dettmeijer, the Netherlands' National Rapporteur on Human Trafficking and Sexual Violence Against Children, said based on a report published on Sunday. According to her, there is a proper international method available to assess the risk of recurrence, and the Netherlands should consider implementing it, ANP reports.

Oct 18 '17 08:46

Over 6 thousand people, mostly women, are annually exploited for prostitution or webcam sex in the Netherlands, according to a new report by National Rapporteur on Human Trafficking Corinne Dettmeijer. With that, the number of human trafficking victims in the country is five times higher than assumed, RTL Nieuws reports.

Jun 7 '16 14:00

From today Dutch victims of child pornography can take part in a large international investigation on what effects this type of child abuse has on its victims. The goal for this study is to improve aid given to these victims.

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