Carton of eggs
Aug 24 '17 08:42

Thirteen supermarket chains affiliated with Superunie quietly recalled waffles and cookies from their shelves on Wednesday because they contain toxic insecticide , AD reported on Thursday. "We expect more such silent recalls", Wilco Jansen of Emté said to the newspaper. "There are many products with a lot of egg in them. No idea where this is going to end."

An electronic stethoscope
Jul 11 '17 10:30

Several prominent Dutch health websites are not careful enough with their visitors' privacy, according to consumers organization Consumentenbond. A number use cookies without permission and some use an un-encrypted connection, reports.

Jul 9 '15 15:55

Google has improved its privacy policy after the Dutch Data Protection Authority threatened the company with a 15 million euro fine, the Authority reported on Thursday.

Dec 15 '14 23:11

The Dutch Data Protection Authority has found Google in breach of several provisions of the Dutch data protection act with its new privacy policy, according to a press release by the CBP. Google could face a €15 million fine because of the alleged violations.

Oct 8 '14 19:30

The Second Chamber today unanimously approved the relaxation of the cookie law proposed by Minister Henk Kamp of Economic Affairs.

May 2 '14 14:26

Half of Dutch consumers think that the cookie law has barely improved the privacy of internet users. A survey from the Consumers Bond for the Digital Guide of May reveals that 29 percent of those questioned think that their online privacy has improved, and 21 percent don't know.

Mar 17 '14 18:16

Tens of thousands of Dutch websites place cookies on computers of visitors without prior consent, according to a random tests performed by two Dutch entrepreneurs, Taco Dankers and Gijsbert Boon. They violate the law by doing so.

Jul 18 '13 08:41

Based on a latest study, the consumption of foods that have low nutritional value, usually in the form of instant, packaged snacks are associated to colorectal cancer risk.

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