8,845 bottles of stolen beer confiscated from an empty building on Hilledijk
Oct 22 '19 15:30

The police confiscated a massive 5,856 bottles of beer from an empty building in Rotterdam on Tuesday. Three police vans were needed to drive the 244 boxes full of - believed to be stolen - beer away from the building, the Charlois police said on Instagram.

Police officers saw men dragging the large amount of boxes into the empty building on Hilledijk during the early hours of Tuesday morning, according to AD. They spoke to the men and became suspicious that the very many bottles of Heineken had been stolen. One suspect was arrested.

Jul 22 '19 11:10

The originally American beer brand Budweiser is taking on the Netherlands. Starting Monday, the beer will be available in Dutch pubs and restaurants - mainly in the Randstad region, but also elsewhere in the country. From September, Dutch will also be able to buy Budweiser in supermarkets, RTL Nieuws reports.

Oedipus brewery's Mannen Liefde in front of Heineken
Jun 6 '19 14:30

Heineken bought a minority share in Amsterdam craft brewery Oedipus, the two companies announced. Specific details about the deal - like how big the Heineken share is and what the Dutch beer giant paid for it - were not revealed, ANP reports.

Oedipus was established in an Amsterdam kitchen in 2011. In 2015 the company opened its own brewery, with a bar attached. Oedipus will remain an independent brewery with its owners leading the business. But Heineken's shares mean that the small craft brewery can make use of Heineken's knowledge on beer and brewing techniques.

Trappist Westvleteren beer
Mar 9 '18 09:04

Monks from the Belgian Saint Sixtus Abbey are furious with Dutch supermarket chain Jan Linders for selling their Trappist beer without permission, Belgian broadcaster VRT reports.

Jan Linders sold around 300 crates with 24 bottles each of the beer for 9.95 euros per bottle on Thursday, according to the Limburger. The beer from Westelveen is normally only sold at the Abbey itself for a fraction of that price. Only private individuals can buy the beer, and only for their own use. 

Jun 29 '17 08:56

The Tax authorities' investigative department FIOD caught three suspects selling brand-less beer as Heineken and Amstel. Eight businesses in Nijkerk, Putten, Rotterdam, Heusden and Linne were raided on Wednesday. So far no arrests were made, RTL Nieuws reports.

According to FIOD, the suspects bought brand-less beer from abroad, poured it into beer bottles and labeled them with Heineken and Amstel logos. They then sold them at higher prices. 

Several Dutch companies fell victim to this fraud. The investigation is still ongoing.

Mar 2 '17 14:40

If drinking beer all day and getting paid for it is your idea of a dream job, it's time to send your resume to Amsterdam startup Beerwulf. The yet-to-be established Heineken owned is going to be an online platform for beer lovers, and the site is looking for a beer journalist, AT5 reports.

The ideal candidate would be someone who would not mind to spend week after week in the world of beer. Working hours are flexible. The beer journalist will have to go to pubs, supermarkets, breweries and festivals to try beer and write about it. 

Heineken Experience, Amsterdam
Feb 13 '17 16:45

Dutch brewer Heineken reached an agreement to acquire the currently loss-making Brazilian breweries of Japanese brewer Kirin Holdings, Heineken announced in a press release on Monday. Heineken, the second largest brewer in the world, will pay 1.025 billion euros in cash and debt acquisition for 12 beer brewing locations, production facilities and the distribution network Kirin Brasil has in place.

Heineken Experience, Amsterdam
Jan 20 '17 10:20

Dutch beer giant Heineken confirmed rumors that it is working on acquiring Brazilian brewery Kirin Brasil in a short press release on Friday. Should Heineken take over the Brazilian brewery, the Dutch brewer's market share in the country would double, BNR reports.

"In response to speculation in the media over Kirin, Heineken can confirm that it is in talks with Kirin about the Brazilian branch. These discussions are ongoing and it can not be said that there will actually be an agreement", the Dutch beer giant said in a press statement.

Sep 9 '16 11:50

With the dramatically increasing popularity of specialty beers, more and more large breweries are looking to acquire microbreweries. And a number of top Dutch microbreweries are prime candidates for a takeover, Fedor Vogel, editor of Bier! magazine, said

Heineken Experience, Amsterdam
Aug 30 '16 12:20

Dutch beer giant Heineken is in the race to acquire Belgian specialty brewery Bosteels, Belgian business newspaper De Tijt reports based on multiple sources

Jul 19 '16 16:15

While Pilsner is still the drink of choice for Dutch, beer drinkers in the Netherlands are increasingly opting for a specialty beer, according to the National Beer Survey. Four out of five Dutch sometimes order a specialty beer, mostly because they find it tastier, but also because they occasionally like something different

Jul 4 '16 22:18

KLM will not be tapping beer on board its airplanes this month as planned. The company has developed a beer tap trolley to pour a fresh beer at high altitude, but KLM was unable to obtain the certification needed to put the trolley into use this July, a spokesman for the airline said.

Mar 30 '16 09:48

Consumers in the Netherlands drank more craft beer and radlers, last year. Consumption of radlers increased by 13 percent and of craft beers increased by 8 percent, according to figures released by industry association Nederlandse Brouwers on Wednesday

no image
Mar 7 '16 09:52

A bad harvest led to a shortage in beer hops in Europe. The shortage of this indispensable ingredient is especially affecting the smaller breweries in the Netherlands

Feb 18 '16 09:46

Jan Peter Balkende smuggled beer into the palace of an emir in an oil state during his time as Prime Minister of the Netherlands. The former Prime Minister told this story during a lecture in Schipluiden on Wednesday

Feb 10 '16 08:37

Japanese brewer Asahi Group Holdings agreed to buy SABMiller beer brands Grolsch and Peroni in a 3.5 billion dollar deal

Heineken Experience, Amsterdam
Jan 29 '16 07:22

Two people were killed and three were injured in an accident in a Heineken factory on Brazil. According to the brewer, one of the boilers in the factory in Jacarei exploded

Dec 25 '15 10:40

The men behind Amsterdam brewery Oedipus are in need of solar panels to generate sustainable energy and decided to turn to crowdfunding to raise this money. But instead of promising investors euros in returns, they are promising beer.

Dec 3 '15 10:42

Beer brand Grolsch is officially up for sale, AB InBev and SABMiller announced on Thursday. The reason for the sale is to ease European regulatory' authorities concerns on competition considerations in the AB InBev - SABMiller merge.

Janneke Pieters- Mary-Jane Snelders -Boegbeeld
Oct 21 '15 16:43

Woman-owned microbrewery Boegbeeld has taken the Netherlands by storm. Their Kutbier is so popular that the first batch, consisting of a few thousand bottles, was sold out within days.

Sep 16 '15 14:00

Brewer Anheuser-Busch InBev has approached SABMiller with a takeover plan that would create a combined company with a market value about 250 billion dollars. This takeover would merge two of the largest beer brewers in the world.

Heineken Experience, Amsterdam
Aug 3 '15 11:30

Heineken made a net profit of 1.1 billion euros in the first half of this year, compared to 631 million euros in the same period of 2014, the brewery announced on Monday. Beer sales increased by 1 percent.

Jul 31 '15 10:10

Last year Dutch breweries exported a record amount of nearly 1.6 billion euros of beer, a 4 percent increase compared to 2013. After Mexico the Netherlands is the largest beer exporter in the world.

Lidl Argus Panache beer recall
May 19 '15 15:50

Lidl announced a callback on one of the beers sold in the supermarket earlier today. There may be fragments of glass in the ten-bottle packages of "Argus Palanche" beer, warns the supermarket.


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