asylum seekers

asylum seekers
Apr 28 '16 10:44

Amsterdam launched a rather controversial program in which the city is helping asylum seekers set up their own businesses, even if they do not have a residency permit yet. The city believes that getting asylum seekers working as quickly as possible will help with their integration into society.

Apr 27 '16 16:00

State Secretary Klaas Dijkhoff of Security and Justice was faced with riots during a visit to a asylum camp on the Greek island of Lesbos on Tuesday. Asylum seekers threw stones while shouting "freedom" and "open borders"

asylum seekers
Apr 27 '16 09:16

Utrecht is the first city in the Netherlands to start integrating asylum seekers into society from their first day in the city. The city wants to put an end to the current practice of asylum applicants being moved about and integration starting late. "When you arrive in Utrecht, you stay in Utrecht", GroenLinks alderman Kees Diepeveen said to the Volkskrant. "This creates peace. For school-age children, being dragged around is very dramatic."

Apr 20 '16 09:37

Primary schools urgently need more money for language lessons for child asylum seekers. The government gives money for extra language lessons if a school has more than four asylum children, but it is not nearly enough, according to a study done by education council PO-Raad among 200 schools

Apr 19 '16 16:05

Asylum seekers living in an asylum center on Havenstraat in Amsterdam have been on a hunger strike for nearly a week. They've also been sleeping outside, in protest against the slowness of the asylum procedure and conditions in the camp.

Apr 19 '16 13:30

Henok and Mahteme Mulu Hagos, the two young asylum seekers missing from Gulpen since Saturday, were found safe and sound in Aachen, Germany, police spokesperson Chris Timmermans said

Apr 19 '16 13:00

An asylum seeker was stabbed in the asylum shelter in Gilze on Monday morning during an argument with another resident. The 25 year-old-victim was treated in hospital for cuts on his forehead. The 33 year-old perpetrator was arrested.

Apr 18 '16 09:08

The Zuid-Limburg town of Gulpen is desperately searching for two Eritrean brothers who disappeared from the asylum center in the town on Saturday

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Apr 14 '16 11:30

The vast majority of Dutch are open to refugees being housed in their own municipality, according to a survey done by Necker van Naem among more than 7 thousand people.

Rene van Berlo working at Oisterwijk refugee center
Apr 13 '16 10:11

The Netherlands' central agency for asylum seekers COA spent 800 million euros last year to supply the thousands of asylum seekers in the country with a place to sleep, a place to wash and something to eat, the Telegraaf reports based on the COA's financial statements.

Apr 12 '16 12:55

Defense Minister Jeanine Hennis Plasschaert wants an extension for NATO's anti-human trafficking mission on the Aegean Sea. The mission is set to end over three months, "but leaving in July would be really premature", Hennis said to broadcaster NOS during a visit to the area.

Apr 8 '16 07:29

Thirteen year old Tri from Wageningen will no longer be deported to Vietnam. The Pham family can stay in Wageningen, Mayor Geert van Rumund announced on Thursday.

asylum seekers
Apr 5 '16 15:20

The first Syrian asylum seekers from Turkish refugee camps were flown to the Netherlands on Tuesday morning. The 31 people were transferred to a Dutch asylum center to await housing, a spokesperson for the Ministry of Security and Justice said to news wire ANP.

Apr 5 '16 10:30

Dutch municipalities will have to find home for at least 23 thousand refugees with a residency permit in the second half of this year, State Secretary Klaas Dijkhoff of Security and Justice reported on Monday

asylum seekers
Apr 4 '16 14:15

The first group of Syrian asylum seekers from Turkey will arrive in the Netherlands on Tuesday, the European Commission announced on Monday. These are "recognized asylum seekers" that EU member states agreed to take in as part of the asylum agreement with Turkey, which took effect on Monday.

Apr 1 '16 16:20

Minister Bert Koenders of Foreign Affairs will seriously investigate a report by Amnesty International which states that Turkey deports hundreds of asylum seekers back to Syria on a daily basis

asylum seekers
Mar 31 '16 10:38

Asylum seekers who cause trouble and can not be immediately deported, will soon be housed in a separate shelter, State Secretary Klaas Dijkhoff of Security and Justice writes in a letter he will soon sent to parliament

Mar 29 '16 09:35

The refugee crisis is the number one concern for people in the Netherlands, according to the quarterly study by the Social and Cultural Planning Office. From end 2014, the Dutch found immigration and integration increasingly concerning. In October last year, asylum seekers and refugees shot up to the number one concern.

asylum seekers
Mar 28 '16 09:36

The number of Albanians applying for asylum in the Netherlands increased explosively since the summer, to the point that they are now the biggest group seeking asylum in the country. About 250 Albanians apply for asylum in the Netherlands each month, the Ministry of Security and Justice said

asylum seekers
Mar 24 '16 15:40

Health care options for asylum seekers in the Netherlands were below par last year. The large influx of asylum seekers, more than double that of 2014, caused multiple problems for medical care services, the Healthcare Inspectorate reported on Thursday.

Mar 22 '16 09:33

Rejected Ukrainian asylum seekers will no longer receive any money or other support for returning to their own country, State Secretary Klaas Dijkhoff of Security and Justice and Minister Lilianne Ploumen of Development Cooperation decided. According to them, the money was used improperly

Mar 21 '16 14:35

A fire broke out in the Zuilenstein building in Nieuwegein on Sunday afternoon. It was extinguished half an hour later, but damaged the building's bicycle shed and kitchen. About 100 refugees with residency permits are currently living in the building

Mar 21 '16 07:57

On Monday the Netherlands' population will cross the 17 million mark. It took 15 years for the population to go from 16 million people to 17 million, Statistics Netherlands announced on Monday

Mar 18 '16 13:55

A 26-year-old man from Grathem in Limburg is suspected of forcing women living in the asylum center in Gilze into prostitution. One victim is a Ukrainian woman in her fifties


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