Getaway vehicle in Amsterdam restaurant explosion found

Police. (Politie)

The police found a scooter which they believe was used as a getaway vehicle in an explosion at a restaurant on  Johan Huizingalaan in Amsterdam during the early hours of Wednesday morning. The scooter was stolen in April and stolen license plates were put on it, the Telegraaf reports.

The explosive . A bus shelter and the restaurant's front door were damaged. No one was injured. The scooter was found a few streets away, on Wilhelmus Leemanstraat, the police said on Thursday. 

The explosion was the third incident on  Johan Huizingalaan in four days. During the early hours of Tuesday morning, Officers who went to investigate found a hand grenade behind the building. Mayor Femke Halsema closed the company indefinitely due to the risk to public order and safety. The building located next to HBS was targeted in another shooting during the early hours of Sunday morning.

The incidents have local residents on edge, according to the Telegraaf. Mayor Halsema met with them to discuss their concerns.

The police don't yet know who is behind these attacks and are looking for witnesses. At this stage they are treating the incidents as separate cases. 

Local residents told the newspaper that all three targeted buildings belong to the same millionaire, who has several properties in different Amsterdam neighborhoods.