Amstelveen bus makes emergency stop, six passengers hurt

Police officer and paramedic
Police officer and paramedic. (Photo: Politie)

A Connexxion bus had to make an emergency stop on Oranjebaan in Amstelveen on Thursday afternoon. The stop was so sudden that some passengers were thrown by the bus. Six people were injured, AT5 reports.

The bus involved was bus 300 that runs between Station Haarlem and Bijlmer Arena. Several injured had to go to hospital, others were treated at the scene, a witness told AT5.

According to the police, the bus had to stop due to a traffic situation. The bus driver managed to prevent a collision, a police spokesperson said to the broadcaster.

A regional public transit strike is currently ongoing in the Netherlands. While most regional buses, including Connexxion buses, are not running, some bus drivers are still working.