Pants-less intruder hurt in fall through Utrecht castle roof

Police lights (Photo: Politie). (Police lights (Photo: Politie))

The police found a half-naked man injured in the Oudaen castle in Utrecht early on Monday morning. The man fell through the roof of the building on Oudegracht. He was taken to hospital, AD reports.

The owner of the building noticed the man on surveillance camera footage and called the police at around 3:30 a.m. When they arrived at the scene, police officers found the largely undressed man injured inside the castle. An ambulance rushed the man to the hospital, where he is being guarded by the police. He is doing well under the circumstances and did not sustain serious injuries. 

It seems the man fell through the building's skylight and through a hole left for the stairs, an Oudaen employee said to AD. He fell the entire height of the four floor building.

According to police spokesperson Martin de Wit, it seems that the man was wandering about under the influence of alcohol and ended up in the wrong place. He believes it unlikely that the man was trying to actually break into the castle, De Wit said to the newspaper. 

How the man ended up on the roof of the building, and why he took off his clothes is unclear. The police had to fish his pants and a shoe out of a tree.