Masturbating man shouted antisemitic comments at dinner guests, says Amsterdam cafe

Police. (Politie)

Patrons of the Boi Boi restaurant in Amsterdam had quite a shock during the dinner service on New Year's Day when a man allegedly started masturbating in front of the glass while shouting antisemitic insults in front of one of the cafe's windows. The scene unfolded on the Dapperstraat in the eastern district of the city at about 9:15 p.m. when the man started pounding on the glass.

According to one of the owners, Richard Derks, he also started shouting sever slurs at the dinner clients, such as "cancer Jews" and "dirty faggots". Dutch curses often include diseases as a way of making the phrases particularly insulting in that language. He also shouted, "Muslims are stronger," Derks stated.

The video taken by the restaurant's security cameras then appears to show the man taking out his penis and possibly masturbating in front of the guests before quickly walking away. Derks suspected the man was drunk, he told Het Parool

As of Wednesday the restaurant had not filed a formal complaint with police, but they have a week to do so, Derks remarked on Twitter.

It is not the first time that the Boi Boi faced problems, Derks said. On May 21 last year a surveillance camera was snatched away from the facade. Derks said issues crop up because of the restaurant's position at a busy pedestrian intersection.