Taxi driver allegedly masturbating at playground now held in child pornography sting

Source: Wikimedia/Chamaeleon
File photo of a swing set. (Source: Wikimedia/Chamaeleon)

Police in Sint Michielsgestel arrested a 42-year-old man for possession of child pornography on Tuesday. The suspect, a taxi driver from the town, was already named in a public indecency case from the past summer.

The investigation started in June after a video, possibly showing him masturbating in a cab while parked in front of a playground, was distributed on social media The video caused a massive reaction, with some commenters spreading his name and address. Since then he and his family have been receiving threats, a window of his house was broken, and his mother got fired from her job.

His arraignment was scheduled for Thursday.

The official police report in the Tuesday case stated there is no proof the man himself produced child pornography or that he committed sexual abuse to minors. His computers were confiscated, which is where the pornographic material was discovered. The material was already known to authorities, and no new child victims were discovered.

Police and politicians implored the public not to reveal the man's identity again in light of the new accusation. "It's the judge's duty to determine culpability and to establish the right punishment," said Sint-Michielsgestel mayor Jan Pommers. "I want to appeal to everybody to respect that."