Politician refuses to resign from city council seat despite corruption conviction

Jos van Rey is refusing to give up his seat on the Roermond city council. The vast majority of the council wants the politician to step down after he was convicted of corruption, but Van Rey is not leaving, he said during a city council meeting on the ruling culture on Thursday, BNR reports. 

"It is important to give clarity on what is and is not allowed in this town", CDA leader Marc Breugelmans said in the intense and emotional meeting, according to the broadcaster. "Residents should be able to count on a reliable city government. According to him, the deadlock the council is in can only be broken if Van Rey leaves.

Dre Peters, chairman of the LVR - the party founded by Van Rey, stepped in at this point. "NIce and hypocritical to point fingers to Van Rey. While you are guilty of the very same things", he said. "Jos is staying. In the interest of the city. And don't let that drive you mad."

Van Rey also spoke up for himself. "Thanks to you my life is lost", he said. "I lost almost everything, My life is ruined, Mr. Breugelmans. And you go a step further. But I will not walk away. I serve the interests of the city of Roermond."